PPF Advance Calculator

Advance PPF calculator with deposit dates
Year Date Amount #

PPF account can be opened in post offices or banks. Same interest rates and rules are applied. Account is opened for 15 years and completion of 15 years, account can be extended for 5 years periods.

Starting year - PPF Account Account Opening Year

Interest Rate - Interest rates applicable for the duration. PPF interest rates are announced by the government periodically and subject to change in future. Interest earned is compounded yearly.

Deposit Amount - Amount you would like to deposit every year. There is minimum and maximum limit requirements set for PPF account. There are also limits on number of deposits and withdraws in a financial year.

Number of Years - Number of years, PPF amount is to be continued. This locking period is fixed but customer can get loan or partial withdrawals during these fixed locking period. Full amount withdrawal is allowed only on excpetional situations like critical illness

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